All Weather Policy

The Early Years Foundation Stage Non-Statutory guidelines stipulate that all children should have the opportunity to play outside all year round. Queensway Nursery and Preschool acknowledges that the weather is a great experience for children to learn and explore. From this, the nursery promotes all weather play where children will be encouraged to play out in the rain, wind and sun.

It is requested that parents provide appropriate clothing for their children to allow them to fulfil this, such as sunhats for the summer and wellington boots for rainy days, hats and warm coats for the winter.

Staff members are also encouraged to ensure that they are prepared for the weather and provide themselves with appropriate clothing to join in with outdoor play experiences.

The nursery acknowledges that on a very cold day children will access the outside areas for shorter periods of time, in the time that children are outside physical activities will be encouraged and staff will be proactive in ensuring that a range of activities and experiences are available.

The garden risk assessment will be carried out daily but extra checks and staff awareness will be reinforced in wet weather.

The nursery will remain open in all weathers, unless this poses a risk to employees and its service users. If Queensway Nursery has to close due to adverse weather, all parents/carers will be informed as soon as the decision has been made by the management team in advance where possible, or through telephone communication. Additionally all parents/carers will be notified as to the re-opening of the nursery. If the decision is made to close the nursery during opening hours, all parents/carers will be asked to collect their child/children.

If a member of staff cannot travel to work because of the weather conditions, it is asked that the individual follows the Adverse Weather Policy and speaks directly with a member of the management team.

In the Summer months we request you bring:

• Sun hat that covers the back of the neck.

• Sun cream (30 factor +)

• Labelled water bottle

In the Winter months we request you bring:

• Wellington boots

• Warm coat

• Hat, gloves and scarf if required

• Waterproofs

• Labelled water bottle

Bump to the Head Policy

It is acknowledged that children will sustain minor injuries and accidents whilst at Nursery due to the nature of their development, enthusiasm and social interactions. It is however acknowledged that at times a bump to the head may lead to a mild or slight concussion.

Staff are vigilant to the potentials for the following signs which may indicate a more serious accident:

• Vomiting

• Nausea

• Headaches

• Dizziness

• Drowsiness

• Change of behaviour or mood

All accidents are recorded on a daily accident form which is reported to parents and signed at the close of day.


In the event of a child sustaining a bump to head during their nursery day the following procedures will be followed:

Minor Bumps

Minor bumps to the head will be recorded on an accident form and parents will be issued with a Bump to the Head Letter on collecting their child from the nursery.

More serious Bumps

In the case of a child sustaining a more serious bump to the head or where a noticeable bump can be seen then an accident form will be prepared but parents will also be notified in the first instance so that they are aware of the accident prior to collection.

Emergency Closure Policy

Queensway Nursery and Preschool will make every effort to remain open, but in exceptional circumstances we may need to close at short notice.

The following are possible reasons for emergency closure:

• Serious weather conditions

• Burst water pipes

• Fire or bomb scare/explosion

• Death of a member of staff or child

• Assault on a staff member or child

• Serious accident or illness


If it is necessary to evacuate the nursery, the following steps will be taken:

• If appropriate the manager or session supervisor will contact the emergency services

• All children will be escorted from the building to the assembly point using the nearest safe exit

• No attempt will be made to collect personal belongings or to re-enter the building after evacuation

• A nominated member of staff will check the premises and will collect the register (including emergency contact details) providing that this does not put anyone at risk

• Before leaving the building the designated person will close all accessible doors and windows

• The register will be taken and all children and staff accounted for

• If any person is missing from the register, the emergency services will be informed immediately

• The Management Team will contact parents to collect their children.

• All children will be supervised until they are safely collected

• If after every attempt a child’s parent/carer or emergency contact cannot be contacted, the nursery will follow it’s Uncollected Child procedure

Key Person Policy

Health and safety is a priority for Queensway Nursery and Preschool and is monitored closely adapting the setting and policy when required to make the setting the safest it can be.

Aims of the key person policy for parents/carers:

• To enable the parent/carer to feel confident that they have, in view of their personal and family situation, made the right decision in putting their child into a nursery.

• To help the parents/carers know who to ask about their child, and enable them to receive regular and detailed information about their child’s progress – reducing, to some extent, their feeling of ‘having lost’ and ‘missed out’ on being with their baby.

• To work in partnership to promote shared learning experiences and work together to meet the needs of the child.

• To extend experiences for the child and safeguard them within their early years.

• Aims for the child

• To offer a child a reliable relationship with the key person so that s/he can sense (at the moment of handing over) it is approved of by parent/carer – aiming to reduce inexplicable (to the child) feelings of abandonment in being left in the hands of others.

• In receiving personal care (feeding, changing and being put to sleep) by their key person whenever possible, the child is assured of regular contact with him/her on a one to one basis just as s/he is from parents/carer at home. The aim is to reduce the number of different handlings (in touch, smell, and voice) by different people, and so limit the number of people a child has to get used to during the day.

• Aims for the key person

• To create meaningful relationships with a consistent group of children.

• To reduce stress levels caused by relating equally to large numbers of children at once.

• To enable sensitive observation and developmental record keeping of a small number of children over a period of time.

• To encourage good relationships with parents/carers of key children.

• The first visit to the setting is conducted by a senior staff member who will explain any paperwork that needs to be completed. The key person will then spend time with the new child and their parent/carer during subsequent visits, so that they will get to know each other in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The key person will find out children’s routines, feeding, sleeping patterns, likes and dislikes etc. and explain nursery routines and procedures (e.g. medicine forms etc.) They will settle in their new child, in partnership with parents/carers, and review their progress with parents/carers at regular intervals.

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