What Our Parents Say 

“Words can not express how grateful and appreciative we are for the wonderful start that you have given all my kids through out the years. We could not have wished for more patience, caring and encouraging team. We don’t consider Queensway quay nursery as a nursery but as an expansion Of our family. The level of teaching and dedication in all areas in their development has been to a high standard including the nursery facilities which has continually improved and changed to help the needs  of all the children. Thank you for all the hard work and love you have shown to all my kids and for being part of our family.”

– Lynette

“Queensway nursery have looked after my children since they were 9 months old starting in the baby room. Their happiness and development is testament to the staff’s genuine love, care and attention they provide on a daily basis. Having no extended family in Gibraltar, Queensway have filled this gap so beautifully and I trust each one of them with my life; my children. “

– Kirstin

“Both my children started Queensway Nursery and Pre-school at 10 months old and the decision to put them into childcare was not something I was looking forward to as everywhere we went to look around at first did not feel right. After having a guided tour and meeting a few of the staff members, my whole outlook and opinion on nursery life changed and I cannot express how happy I have been with their care and education. I could instantly sense the passion and dedication of the staff with a focus on: fun, development, manners, team work and so much more.
My 2 year old son takes part in a wide range of activities and loves going in to class in the mornings to play see his friends – always a good sign. My daughter has just started school after 4 years at Queensway and the teachers are amazed how prepared and enthusiastic she is every day. We have a good relationship with the staff members and I would recommend the nursery to anyone. To be honest, my children are brighter, happier and more resilient individuals thanks to their time spent at Queensway Nursery and Pre-school.”

– Nerys

“Queensway Nursery and Pre-School maintains the perfect balance between free play and structured learning. The outdoor space and carefully thought out indoor play areas are fantastic. The staff are attentive, caring and always willing to listen and support both the children and parents. The lunch menu is diverse and healthy. Our family has been delighted with Queensway Nursery and can’t thank them enough for helping us give our little one the best start in life.”

– Chloe

“We were attracted by the nursery’s beautiful garden and very well organised classrooms but the Queensway Nursery and Preschool appeared to be so much more! Plenty of activities, well trained staff, always nice and smiling… My daughter goes to the nursery happy and for me her smile is the best recommendation. Well done and thank you.”

– Aleksandra

“I cannot highly recommend this nursery enough to future / present parents. We currently have our second daughter in this nursery, after we experienced the exceptional service and attention to detail that was provided to our older son, who is autistic. Not only did they accept him with open arms, the kitchen staff used to provide him with personalised meals (because he is a very fussy eater) and they also invested in a sensory room. The management really take pride on running the place and the investment into equipment, toys and tools is constant. They are also next to the Commonwealth Park (which is a bonus in terms of exposure to children with plants and wildlife) and also have a great outdoor area. To my opinion, this nursery can be categorised as one of the best nurseries in Gibraltar.”

– Nathan

“One of my favourite things about Queensway Quay Nursery and Pre-school is the vast array of activities always on offer for the children. The staff work very hard to provide quality learning environments through a variety of play activities. My son is always keen to tell me about his day and no two activities are ever the same.”

– Kyrene

“Having sent both my children to Queensway nursery, I can honestly say that the experience they have enjoyed there has been fantastic. The facilities provided for all the children are excellent and the range of activities set up for them on a daily basis has enabled them to learn so much through fun and engaging play. Not only that but the hot meals provided every day have been such a help to me as a working mum, knowing that they are eating nutritious and tasty food. The staff have always taken such great care of my children, ensuring it is a happy and friendly place for them to grow and learn. Thank you Queensway Nursery!”

– Anna

“After my older son Jake attended Queensway Nursery it was clear that his younger brother would also be signed up. We have always been very content with the care and quality of education our son’s have received. It is great to see that this Nursery is more than just arts and crafts as is common practice in some nurseries. They follow a structure syllabus which prepares them for Pre-School. They also have a careful meal plan that meets the nutritional requirements of young children and is all freshly made on the day.
Another reason why we decided to sign up our boys at Queensway Nursery was the outside play area. It is important to play outdoors and enjoy the fresh air when possible. They even have a little bus on wheels to take the children around Commonwealth Park. My advice is, if you can sign your kids up. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Clayton

“The nursery is a caring, warming and stimulating environment for my child to enjoy. My son enjoys staying here. As Chinese parents , we speak Chinese at home. But my son picks English fast and learn a lot in the nursery. Thanks to all staff’ patient and professional working. Also as a boy my son likes outdoor activities, Queensway nursery is the only nursery in Gibraltar which has outdoor playground. I would have no hesitate to recommend this nursery to other parents, a big thanks to all the staff again.”

– Lihui He

We absolutely love the nursery. All the staff go above and beyond and genuinely care for our child. We would not think of sending our little girl anywhere else. We are incredibly happy with the education and care that she received. The nursery has a lovely family feel to it. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for Alessia.

– Ian

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